Why Surf N Turf Restaurant is ideal for Easter Day in Malta

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An Easter Sunday restaurant that ticks every box

Every Easter, families and friends in Malta get together for a celebratory meal to enjoy the religious feast with great company, sitting in a welcoming environment with an exquisite menu to bring the festivities together. Every Easter period is preceded by Lent, a period of 40 days where luxuries in life are limited as a sign of sacrifice – such sacrifices most times include refraining from certain foods like meat or desserts and at times even snacks. After all this fasting a lavish Easter meal is well deserved and heading to the perfect venue for speciality dishes prepared with the freshest of ingredients and supreme customer service is just the means of celebration called for.

We can provide our stylish decor, imaginative food pairings, exquisite wine list and detailed customer service for the perfect Easter Sunday meal at Surf N Turf.

A touch of magic

Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo pours his heart and soul into every dish he creates – from concept to service; there’s vision and detail to be considered. And the Easter Sunday menu is no exception. While your gourmet meal is being taken care of in the kitchen, Joshua Borg, Front of House and superior Sommelier will guarantee that your visit to Surf N Turf is as tailored and enjoyable as possible. Whether you require guidance on which dish to choose from the glorious menu or need some help with your wine pairing options, Joshua will make sure you make an informed choice. Our founders strive to make each diner receive the Surf N Turf treatment.

Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo, Surf N Turf

The Easter Sunday special

While every service at Surf N Turf is treated as a ‘special occasion’; the Easter Sunday meal is approached with that added touch of comfort; much like Christmas Lunch, Valentine’s Dinner or even Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. The Easter menu, much like the standard menu, at Surf N Turf is fuelled on a daily basis; with deliveries of fresh fish and fresh vegetables chosen by Chef Kerstin himself ensuring quality is always at a top level. Meat choices on the menu feature only the best cuts for every dish and are sourced from the world’s top regions; bringing rich and bold flavour to every meat option.


Let’s talk about the ambience

While the quality of the food we eat in a restaurant is high up there on the satisfaction scale, service and wine options make a significant difference. As does the setting of your meal. Every dish is a feast for the senses, our vibrant plating of each dish, creative use of aromas and textures as well as expert wine pairing options offered by Joshua will stimulate your experience at Surf N Turf. Joshua will also guide you to choose the perfect aperitif, digestive or cocktail for the Easter occasion. While you sit in the tastefully decorated restaurant; every asset contributing to your perfect dining experience will be orchestrated seamlessly from the kitchen’s amuse bouche to your selection of dessert and coffee.

Surf N Turf restaurant Malta

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