Valentine’s Day in Malta – Enjoy Fine Dining at Surf N Turf

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Malta is an island of radiant sunshine, crystal-clear blue waters, varied architecture and rich culture. Valentine’s Day has weaved its way into Malta’s cultural calendar and is a staple festivity in February. Malta is the perfect romantic location, and a brilliant choice of cultural activities enrich the occasion even more. There are romantic spots hidden around the island with beautiful scenic vistas of land and sea. You will find there is an almost Christmas like spirit prevalent around Valentine’s Day and romance and love are in the air!

Candlelit, Romantic Dinner – Choosing the best restaurant this Valentine’s Day

It’s true that your love for your partner should be shared each and every day and not only on one ‘special’ day – but isn’t it a great excuse to eat at one of Malta’s best restaurants? Treat your partner like a king or queen this Valentine’s Day with a menu that will make your heart skip a beat.

Where better to present your loved one with a red rose, over a romantic meal than Surf N Turf restaurant? A candlelit dinner with hand-crafted dishes just for the occasion sets the idyllic setting for a perfect evening out for that special Valentine experience. The tranquillity and serenity Surf N Turf exudes among with a veritable, culinary paradise perfectly epitomises the ethos and principles of founders chef Kerstin Manicolo and front-house sommelier Joshua Borg.

Fine Dining Malta, Surf N Turf

Surf N Turf is located in the north of Malta, a stone’s throw away from the rush of Bugibba square and the glorious blue of the Mediterranean sea. Given its prime location, Surf N Turf calls all kinds of clientele, the wandering tourist looking for a romantic spot on February the 14th as well as the locals who call the restaurant their regular for top quality food, serene atmosphere and excellent service. Rated one of Malta’s top 40 restaurants for 2020 by the Definitive(ly) Good Food Guide to Restaurants in Malta and Gozo; Surf N Turf commits itself to passion in every bite – especially on the most romantic day of the year.

The Maltese Connection

Valentine’s Day in Malta is also associated with partying and fun besides an occasion to express one’s love. Younger people throng the streets in search of that perfect romantic gift for their loved ones. Loving souls and friends send Valentine’s Day Gifts, chocolate, cards, flowers and jewellery to express their love and affection. These days, people are sending SMS messages of love and affection, yet a meal at a restaurant remains the most romantic setting to propose marriage or confess your undying, everlasting love.

Surf N Turf – Romantic Culinary Perfection

Spending quality time in a romantic setting with the perfect meal and accompanying wine is just what Surf N Turf restaurant is offering you this Valentine’s Day. Booking early really is a must to avoid disappointment. There are menus to suit everyone with a selection of fresh fish and seafood, beef and other fresh meat, lobster, salads, pasta, oysters, freshly picked vegetables and a delicious choice of sweets and fresh cakes for dessert. The wine matches every dish on offer and Joshua will be only too happy to suggest the perfect wine accompaniment to your meal. All the recipes are lovingly prepared by Kerstin, who can be seen at work through the open kitchen. Surf N Turf offers the idyllic romantic setting with high-quality service to match the exceptional and creative dishes all prepared from fresh, hand picked ingredients to ensure absolute freshness and perfect taste.

Food - Best Restaurant in Malta

Booking your table for Valentine’s Day means your loved one is in for a culinary treat where texture, flavour, aroma and presentation capture all your senses and hopefully your heart too. Prepare for a chef’s special amuse bouche, one catered to the day’s ode to love and all things passion. A glass of Roger Goulart Cava could even set the tone nicely at the start.

We all know that sharing is caring, and although it may be extremely hard to share what’s presented to you on your dining plate, choosing different items from the menu will allow you to taste as much of the kitchen’s bounty as possible.


There’s something special about Valentine’s Day; if you head to the right restaurant with the right date and an empty stomach; you’re sure to end the night with a smile on your face.


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