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Kerstin Manicolo is an experienced chef with a love and passion for creative dishes and delicious experiences. He gained a wealth of first-hand experience in some of Malta’s finest restaurants and hotels like the Hilton, as well as internationally serving as a chef on superyachts. Kerstin also owned other successful restaurants locally and is experienced in the restaurant business. Kerstin is a perfectionist, and this shows from the quality of food to the presentation and delicacy of taste, nothing escapes Kerstin’s attention. The numerous awards for his culinary achievements mean high standards are always maintained at Surf N Turf.

With a deeply rooted love for cuisine and a flair for creating masterpieces, Kerstin excels where it really matters, the food. Every detail comes under his eye, from the selection of unique and fresh ingredients of the highest quality to the artistic presentation of the food. The meat, fresh fish, and seasonal vegetables are selected by Kerstin personally to make sure only the very best make it onto the menu. This attention to fine detail sets Surf N Turf apart from the competition.



Joshua Borg comes from years of experience in Front of House Management where he has worked with some of the best restaurants and Hotels on the local scene. He is also an Award-winning Sommelier.

He learnt his trade at the highest level in some of the best local restaurants and hotels like the Hilton and brought it along with all his passion for front of house service and wines. Joshua’s dedication to providing excellent service along with the perfect choice of wine is an asset to Surf N Turf restaurant.  Joshua’s help in pairing the right wine with the delicious food helps create a truly marvellous and unmistakable seal of quality that is synonymous with the fine dining experience provided at Surf N Turf. Joshua will select the perfect wine for you from a vast and lavish list of quality wines from the old and new world.

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