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Our menu evolves around simplicity, strong flavours, fresh ingredients and real passion whilst reflecting Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo creativity and dedication for exquisite cuisine. We strive to propose a menu which is market-led, thus promising the freshest ingredients on a daily basis and excellent seasonal dishes. Our menu alternates from day to day making eating at Surf N Turf an innovative and different experience each time. Our guest have the possibility to delve into a wide range of recommended daily specials and homemade desserts whilst topping off the experience with a glass of our fine selected wines which further complement our dishes.

Chef Patron Kerstin Manicolo and his team invest a lot of time to make sure that you are being served with dishes cooked to perfection thus eating at Surf N Turf guarantees an exclusive gastronomic dining experience.

Just as you deserve

Bon Appétit
Kerstin Manicolo


French Oysters

served with liquid nitrogen

€4.00 each


Fish Crudo selection for two


Beef carpaccio

micro cress / sea salt /cherry tomatoes / Parmesan shavings / olive oil


Local king prawn

grilled or crudo or flamed in Pernod

€5.00 each

Traditional Maltese Fish Soup


Grilled asparagus / baked smoked Scamorza / sweet onion marmalade


Black shell mussels

Coconut / chilli / coriander / lemon grass


Calamari Fritti

Lemon tartare sauce


Grilled Octopus

Rosemary / potatoes espuma


Degustation of starters for two

chef selection


Linguine with half lobster from the tank



Beef fillet / Courgettes / Parmesan / Veal Broth


Tortellaci Lobster & Prawns



Whole lobster from the tank

Poached with garlic butter or grilled with lemon infused olive oil


Whole Sea Bass al sale 500g / 600g

Flambe and filleted on the table


Fillet of wild brown Meager

Grilled octopus / local clams volute / asparagus


Surf  N Turf

Poached half lobster / beef fillet medallions / thyme jus

€ 38.00

Argentinean Beef Rib Eye

Poached egg / parmesan / sweet potatoes


Beef Fillet

Pancetta / chickpeas cassoulet


Beef Tagliata for two

Truffle oil / parmesan


New Zealand Lamb Shank

Lentil stew / garlic jus


Suggested Sauces ~ €2.50

Mushroom and truffle sauce

Pepper and cognac sauce

Beef Thyme jus


Chef’s Specials of the day

A list with chef’s favourite creations that are sourced daily by chef patron Kerstin Manicolo himself depending on market resource and market price

The Surf

A variety of fresh Oysters

Selection of Carpaccio

Octopus, Prawn, Tuna and Baby swordfish

Misto di Crudo, Cotti e Frittura

Langustini, gamberi rossi, mazzancolle gmberri, scallop,
Rizzi ( sea urchins), white anchovies , aragosta, calamari, octopus,
scallops and prawn,razor clams and tuna tartar.


Scottish Lobster, Canadian Lobster,
Brown Crab, Spider Crab, Xikala and Awwist
Cooked grilled, poached with garlic butter or pasta

Fresh Pasta & home-made ravioli

Prawn & crab ravioli, Scallop and Lobster tortellacci,
Linguine with fresh local tuna and Tagliatelle with Lobster

The Turf

French foie gras, trio of sausage, puff pastry tart, rabbit ravioli, pacceri with fresh Alba black truffles, cheese gnocchi, milk fed cutlet of veal, black angus beef taglaitta, pork croquettes, T-bone Fiorentina and scottona sirloin.

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