Spoil Your Mother This Mother’s Day

//Spoil Your Mother This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and although it may be hard to set aside quality time to celebrate Mother’s Day among your busy schedule, there can never be a better excuse to make time and clear your calendar for your mum. Consider spending and devoting quality time with your mother and show her just how important she is to you. While at it, you may as well treat her to an indulgent and delicious dinner or lunch to show her how much you really love her. There are many different ways to show your mother just how much she really means to you this coming Mother’s Day. With the date fast approaching, don’t leave it to the last minute to plan something superb and special for her. There’s no need to stress, as there is still time, and with a little thought and preparation, you can prepare something extraordinary and unique for her that she will remember forever.

An Unforgettable Experience

If your mum is important enough for you, then why not treat her to an unforgettable meal at Surf N Turf Restaurant? A truly memorable experience and delicious special Mother’s Day meal at Surf N Turf goes a long way to providing your beloved mother with a meal to remember in beautiful surroundings with an eclectic atmosphere and superb service. It’s not just about food, it’s the experience too. At Surf N Turf, there are exotic and original dishes cooked to perfection and served up beautifully and with top-notch service. While the chef patron Kerstin Manicolo prepares your food with only the freshest ingredients, you can observe him at work while your food is cooked to perfection. That done, Joshua Borg ensures your experience is luxurious and satisfying. He can suggest the perfect wine to accompany your choice of exquisite dishes to ensure you get the most out of your Surf N Turf Mother’s Day experience, so your mum will never forget the enjoyable experience you gifted her on the most important day for her.

wine glasses, Surf N Turf interior

Something Really Special

You don’t want to leave it to the last minute to give her a special gift. If you are stumped about what to give your mother, the most important woman in your life, then don’t worry anymore, Surf N Turf has got you covered. There are swoon-worthy dishes on offer for Mother’s Day. If you want to really impress your mum, you can’t go wrong with one of the Surf N Turf signature dishes.

Vast Choice of Fresh Fish

From a variety of fresh oysters to a selection of freshly sliced Carpaccio. Perhaps Octopus, Prawn, Tuna and Baby swordfish would please your mum? There is a vast choice of fresh fish and seafood brought daily to the restaurant including langoustine, gamberi rossi, scallop, sea urchins, white anchovies, aragosta, calamari, razor clams and tuna tartar. A speciality of the house is the mouth-watering Crustacean Scottish Lobster and Canadian Lobster. If your mother loves pasta, you can offer her a great choice of fresh pasta, homemade ravioli, prawn and crab ravioli, scallop and lobster tortellacci, along with fresh linguine with fresh local tuna and tagliatelle with fresh lobster. Whatever she chooses, the taste and presentation are exceptional and affordable. The extensive wine list and choice of desserts complete the perfect picture for your mother and create a grand and unique event that she will never forget.


Meat Heaven

There are so many delicious meat dishes such as the Fresh Irish Drumlin Gold Tomahawk steak you can share with your mum at 1.1kg, which serves two people. Or perhaps she prefers the Fresh Aberdeen Black Angus Fillet of Beef or Argentinian Black Angus Rib-Eye of Beef? You can accompany your steak with To accompany your steak pan-seared Foie Gras, and there are delicious sauces like mushroom and truffle, pepper and cognac, or Beef Thyme jus sauces. You can also choose delicious creations with pork, lamb, chicken and duck, and the desserts are just as impressive. What about trying the Chocolate Tart, Panna Cotta, Crème Brûlée, or traditional local Imqaret? Perhaps she prefers Chocolate Fondant, or Liquid Nitrogen red dragon ice cream prepared right at your table?

Different & Special

Surf N Turf will provide your mum with a gastronomic dining experience mixing classical and innovative techniques. Kerstin and Joshua will ensure your culinary experience this Mother’s Day will remain in her memory for a long time and she will be pampered like never before. Surf N Turf has a fabulous choice of food which is always prepared with fresh ingredients chosen by the chef. The service matches the high standard of food which is lovingly prepared by the chef every day, not just on Mother’s Day, but all the year round. Try out Surf N Turf this Mother’s Day and give your mother a gift she will always remember.



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