How to Spend One Day in the North of Malta

//How to Spend One Day in the North of Malta

Local or not, finding the best restaurant to dine at is sometimes a pretty time consuming challenge. There are so many restaurants out there which all seem to offer the same menu, presented on a different plate at a different table. Finding a dish that sticks out from the mundane crowd is a task that requires patience, energy and time. Well, unless you know of a super restaurant that’s ready to deliver the goods no matter the dish.

If you’re a resident or simply visiting to enjoy the islands, a trip to the north of Malta is always very welcomed. The northern areas of Malta, namely St Paul’s Bay, Bugibba and Qawra are tourist hotspots with entertainment choices that will blow your socks off and an eatery that may very well be a repeat restaurant throughout your stay.

While visitors to our islands travel to the north for some fun in the sun, locals drive up to the area for some of the island’s most spectacular views – and also because they know of a restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients bursting with flavour. This spot is Surf N Turf; a favourite among locals and a breath of fresh air for all the tourists travelling to Malta.

A trip to Surf N Turf is an event in itself, but there are many attractions that can serve for a full day planned in the north of the island.

The culture trip

Malta is bursting with culture and heritage, there’s a lot the islands have to offer and the north does not fall short. Take a trip to St Agatha’s Red Tower, the iconic fortress situated in Mellieha, a stone’s throw away from Surf N Turf.

All that architectural appreciation must have rumbled up quite the appetite – why not enjoy some local pork for dinner? Keep the day as true to Malta as possible? How does 24hr slow cooked pork belly served with crispy crackling, butternut squash purée and caramelized shallots sound?

St Agatha’s Red Tower

The one for the kids

A film set for little kids and big kids too. The Popeye’s Village original film set claims Anchor Bay with its picturesque layout and vibrant colours, there’s so much to see and enjoy during your quick visit to the set. Best time to visit this northern gem is definitely just before sunset, the colours in the sky are phenomenal.

Dinner must follow, and the best way to end the night is definitely with a trip to Surf N Turf for some colourful salmon carpaccio to open your meal – get the kids to try it too, it’s fun, colourful and packed with flavour and nutrients.

Popeye Village Malta

The relaxing route

Sometimes, a trip to Malta is just an excuse to kick off your shoes, lay back and relax on the hot sand during the summer or watching the waves from a far in the winter. Best spot for this? Mellieha Bay, a northern attraction that also happens to be the island’s most popular beach for swimming in the heat and windsurfing when the waves are gnarly.

Relaxing can make you quite hungry though – and the best way to cure this pain… more relaxation in the form of food. Surf N Turf keep it light with the black shell on mussels and line caught fish fresh on offer for all guests to enjoy.

Mellieha Bay

The car enthusiasts

If you’ve got a thing for cars, and fancy yourself a car enthusiast, then the northern sphere of Malta has quite the offering for you – the Malta Classic Car Collection. This museum features privately owned mint-condition vehicles that really are a sight for sore eyes. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but a car guy or gal will surely get a buzz out of this.

Best part of this entire experience? Surf N Turf is only a short walk away from the museum and can serve up their classic signature dish, and namesake, featuring half a lobster Thermidor and USDA beef fillet medallions topped with buttered asparagus and a luscious thyme jus.

Classic car

The nature lovers

Bird and nature lovers looking for something to do in the north of the island should definitely head to Is-Simar Nature Reserve found in Mellieha. There visitors will be able to see migratory birds finding shelter in the Mediterranean by means of the nature park. A walk through the reserve is also quite a stunning treat.


Close the day off with a guilt-free meal; homemade cheese gnocchi cooked in butter and sage with 24-month old Parmigiano Reggiano shavings. This nature-loving behaviour surely deserves a grand treat – a red dragon ice cream perhaps? Prepared at your table with liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

The north really does have a lot to offer – from culture to entertainment, nature and the deep blue sea, there’s always something to feast your eyes on. And no feast is complete without a stunning meal designed to keep guests satisfied and wow them with flavour, texture, colour and vitality.

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