Why Wine is the Best Drink and 10 Reasons Why Wine is Good

//Why Wine is the Best Drink and 10 Reasons Why Wine is Good

Wine is the nectar of the gods! Deities like Bacchus are pictured drinking wine and the in The Last Supper, Jesus used wine to signify his holy blood. There must be significant benefits associated with drinking wine in moderation, of course. There are many myths connected with the ancient drink of the gods; however, there are also tangible benefits. Let’s have a look at why wine is the best drink in the world.

1 – Food Tastes Better with Wine

Drinking a couple of glasses of red or white wine with your meal will enhance the flavour of the ingredients and generally improve the taste of the food. No wonder almost all restaurant where wine is legally sold are stocked with wine. It is the perfect accompaniment to a meal and has been for centuries.

2 – Wine makes you more good looking

Recent studies published in Alcohol and Alcoholism journal suggest drinking a single glass of wine every day will make you more attractive to others. A low dosage of alcohol gives you a subtle smile and healthy glow, and who wouldn’t like that?

3 – It is good for your Heart

A Nutrition and Aging study recently undertaken points towards moderate wine consumption reducing your risk of heart disease. The comprehensive study involved over 3,000 women from diverse ethical backgrounds.

4 – Relieves and Reduces Stress

All types of alcoholic beverages are central nervous system depressants which reduce brain activity and trigger a sleepy, calming sensation. So one or two glasses of wine in the evening will help relieve the stress of the day, help you relax and get a good night sleep.

5 – Wine Helps Maintain your Muscles

French researchers had set out to discover whether resveratrol, which is a component of wine, can help preserve muscle and retain its mass in order to assist astronauts in zero gravity situations while in space. Results have been positive, and resveratrol has already proved to lower levels of bad cholesterol as well as protecting all the lining of the blood heart vessels.

6 – Wine Prevents Memory Loss

A Journal of Neuroscience study analysed the results of overweight adult males and females who were given resveratrol supplements for a six month period. When compared to those given a placebo, they displayed a superior short-term memory than their counterparts. Maybe wine has a secret ingredient that affects the brain?

7 – A glass of wine is equivalent to one hour at the Gym

Another recent study involving the active ingredient in wine resveratrol revealed that the human body receives similar benefits to an hour at the gym. The compound boosts the heart rate and pumps up your muscle performance.

8 – Wine Fights Against Cavities

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry recently reported that although grapes have a rather high sugar content, wine and grape seed extract could actually be very good for your teeth. They help to eliminate plaque-causing bacteria, keeping them healthy and helping to prevent cavities and keep them at bay.

9 – Wine improves your writing skills

The famous literary legend Ernest Hemingway once commented, “Write drunk; edit sober.” It makes perfect sense as your thoughts are more, creative, imaginative and fluid while writing and translate easily from mind to paper.

10 – Unlike other alcohol, Wine doesn’t make you feel bloated

Drinking beers and dark liquors will make you feel bloated and full, while wine has the opposite effect. It isn’t hard to understand why many young people are opting for wine instead of beer. Besides, it’s trendy to drink wine!


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