Maltese Wines: Best Red & White Wines from Malta

//Maltese Wines: Best Red & White Wines from Malta

A fine meal is not complete without a bottle of wine to sip at when you’re in and out of conversation; there’s something about the artistry of winemaking that compliments a meal like no other beverage, alcoholic or not. Some of the best wines in the world hail from France, California, Italy or maybe even South Africa; but the local wines here in Malta can give their foreign competitors a run for their money.

At Surf N Turf, fine dining restaurant, we believe that a glass, or better yet, bottle of wine can elevate your evening from a simple get together with friends to an elegant meeting point where memories are shared and remembered for years to come. We also believe that local wine has that very quality to transform an evening add so much to a meal; our wine selection is ample and rather versatile. Here are the best choices of Maltese Wines to add to your evening tipple;

Best Maltese White Wines

white wine

White wine is famously paired with delicate fish, a variety of shellfish, finer cheeses and even fruit. But every wine has its very own characteristic; it’s not a simple guzzle down with your food kind of attitude that should be adopted when trying out new wine pairings; savouring the flavour and body of a good wine is paramount in the overall appreciation for the beverage.

If you’re looking to order the buttery Homemade Cheese Gnocchi from the Surf N turf menu, you might want to pair this with a bottle of Caravaggio, Chardonnay perfectly bottled by Marsovin. You can also enjoy the fresh and fruity flavours of this wine with lobster, poultry dishes or even pork specialities.

The Gozitan Ulysses is the perfect wine to enjoy with pungent cheeses, cream-based chicken dishes or even desserts such as the white chocolate panna cotta with wild berry compote and roasted coconut flakes. The Chenin Blanc by Marsovin carries oaky tones together with fresh and fruity accents.

Typical to Maltese vineyards, the Girgentina by La Torre, Marsovin is made with grapes grown locally and are somewhat of a speciality to our islands. Hitting your palate with such a specific wine blend deserves some awesome savoury treats available on the Surf N Turf menu as well as sweeter combinations to juxtapose the acidity in the wine.

Other white wines that deserve a mention are the Laurenti Vermentino Viognier by Marsovin as well as the Antonin Blanc from the Ramla Valley Vineyards in Gozo, which pair well with shellfish and fennel as well as veal, pork and poultry respectively. Both delicate wines can be found on the Surf N Turf menu.

Best Maltese Red Wines

red wine

Red wine is bold, it’s sexy and it’s so full of flavour and character. Whenever tasting a bottle of red, make sure you use all your senses, your nose to smell the full-bodied beauty of the red, your eyes to judge the density of the wine by looking at the depth of the colour as you tilt the glass and your tastebuds to absorb the delicate and rich flavours of the glass that holds the power of transforming your night and elevating you to a whole new level.

Let’s start with the obvious red wine combination… steak. A bold Cabernet Sauvignon, Caravaggio by Marsovin works exceptionally well with beef or lamb and also accents the meaty favours of a portobello mushroom. Cheese also calls this Caravaggio a great companion.

The Ulysses Syrah by Marsovin is also another great red to be paired with beef especially if it’s braised such as the Braised Beef Cheeks with Carrot and Honey Purée served with a side of  Mashed Potatoes – the perfect combination that can easily be paired on the Surf N Turf menu. This bold red also pairs really nicely with duck, lamb and the classic hamburger.

Other Maltese reds that will work wonders with beef, lamb and pork are the Cheval Franc, Antonin Noir and Primus Gellewza Shiraz all produced by Marsovin. The Cheval would also make a nice pairing with the organic Chicken Tenders served in a Mild Curry with Coriander and Cashew Nut Sauce, the Antonin Noir with a Chicken Liver Pâté infused with orange and thyme while the Gellewza pairs wonderfully with the Lamb Shank briased for 720 minutes served with a Puy Lentil Stew and a Roasted Garlic Jus.

If you’re looking for bubbles, sweeter concoctions or even a rosé; Surf N Turf carries the Odyssey Rosé, the Brut Cassar de Malte as well as the Guze ‘Passito’ Shiraz for a sweet ending. Whatever the occasion there’s always a local wine to soothe your worries away and satisfy your palate with the complexity of flavours, aromas and delicate pairing opportunities.

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