Surf N Turf New Website Just Launch

//Surf N Turf New Website Just Launch

Surf N Turf Restaurant has just launched an exceptional, newly designed website with style, substance and everything you need to know about Chef Kerstin Manicolo and Front of House & Sommelier Joshua Borg. The website compliments the wonderful cuisine at Surf N Turf. One look at the site and you will see some of Kerstin’s signature creations and a peek inside the mindsets behind the restaurant owners. Kerstin and Joshua are both passionate about Surf N Turf and wholly dedicated to providing the best value, the freshest and most impressive dishes with the best personal service.

The menu can be accessed on the site, and there is a booking system that allows online reservations, which are highly recommended due to high demand, especially at weekends. Joshua will make sure you have a great time and provide wine suggestions to accompany the different food dishes crafted lovingly by Kerstin. The seasonal menu frequently changes with the availability of the ingredients; however, there is always a fantastic selection of original fish and seafood options with fresh fish delivered to the restaurant daily and chosen personally by Kerstin to ensure maximum freshness.

Why not try out some of Kerstin’s trademark dishes which include local, fresh ingredients wherever possible to ensure the best taste and flavours of the food. Some impressive specialities include oysters smoked right at the table, and the signature Surf N Turf house speciality blending prime fillet beef with fresh lobster from the fresh tank. The majority of dishes are based around the local ingredients that come available, so the menu frequently changes to reflect that.

The website showcases Kerstin and Joshua’s talents and provides a valuable guide to Surf N Turf, complete with an interactive map to find the place quickly. The restaurant is central and easy to locate. The website will also showcase special events that are organised from time to time.

We expect to see you soon!


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