5 Tested Tips to Give Your First Date a Helping Hand

//5 Tested Tips to Give Your First Date a Helping Hand

There are quite a number of stressful situations we have to deal with as adults of the 21st century; the dreaded job interview and equally-daunting first day of work, the moment our first electricity bill arrives after moving out of our parents’ house and of course, the sometimes scaring first date.

Living in the digital age means face-to-face communication is a rare and, at times, uncomfortable procedure of communication, but seeing as we’ve evolved past our primate ancestors and desire human interaction and companionship for our longterm future, a few awkward steps need to be taken; even if it means sitting through a couple of first date faux pas.

First date tips for women and men

At Surf N Turf we see our fair share of first dates in action, some of which appear to be working out just fine, and some others that seem to be on a rollercoaster on a fast decline; here are our 5 tips that could help make your first date nightmares transform into an evening of serious connection:

1. Chivalry can be brought back to life

While women, rightfully so, pride themselves on their independence, a little tip for their suitors out there… do go out of your way to make them feel that little bit taken care of, especially when hitting the restaurant scene. Ladies, the same goes for you, chivalry is not a one-way street; show your date a spot of attention; pour their wine, you could even butter their bread if the evening seems to heading in that direction!

2. Chat is not the only form of communication

We’re so used to getting in touch with our family, friends and love interests via chat – most of the ‘first dates’ of our time are even initiated through online dating platforms, making digital communication the norm in our day and age. But connecting with another human being face-to-face can be something quite magical if you give it a chance. Give your smartphone a break during dinner; you might be pleasantly surprised.

3. Ordering for your date is not romantic

We’ve seen this happen in real life, and while it may have been a dreamy act in the 1940s, ordering on behalf of someone else, especially when they’re sat across from you, is not exactly a modern-date move. Gastronomy has been elevated to a ultra-high level and food choices, preferences and diets can be rather specific to the diner. If you’re a true foodie, and a romantic at heart, propose sharing your dishes to get the best of both worlds.

4. Splitting the bill is acceptable

Oh times, they are a changing! Splitting the bill at a restaurant, café or bar is quite the norm; especially if you’re on a first date and not entirely exclusive yet! But when it comes to money, things can get quite tricky… you might want to have your first couple discussion on how you both feel about handling the bill.

5. Limiting your liquor is advised

Going out on the binge may be fun, it may even be the elixir that turns your night from an absolute downer to a memory-making-moment. But learning when to call a quits and turn down the next drink may also be the make or break of your evening. Drink sensibly at dinner, aperitif, wine and digestive are acceptable, shots by the sommelier’s station, maybe not so much.

Every guest, new couple or not can always expect to get a thorough service at Surf N Turf. Our eye for detail in attending to every table is one thing you will not have to worry about when hoping to impress the guy or girl walking through our doors. The fine dining menu ensures that all dishes are of high quality using premium ingredients and innovative technique, from opening aperitifs to decadent desserts; we make the best effort to seal the deal with every romantic table cover; the rests, is in your hands.


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