Could Liver Be the New Superfood? 5 Reasons to Include Liver in Your Diet

//Could Liver Be the New Superfood? 5 Reasons to Include Liver in Your Diet

With the surge of foodie information on the internet, flooding our Instagram pages, creeping into our news headlines and even headstrong in the general daily conversations we all have, the strive for a varied and healthy diet is always in question. There’s so much out there, that we’re sometimes unsure of what to include in our diet next. Well, what about liver?

Liver is an organ meat packed with a series of complex vitamins and minerals that are thought to supplement the body with all the good stuff it needs. We’re very well aware that having a mix of different fruit, vegetables, protein, good fats and slow-releasing carbohydrates is the key to keeping a healthy body; but why have we lost touch with our roots so much?

In days gone, when an animal was butchered; every single part of the animal was used to sustain a family. The hyde for clothing, blankets and shelter, part of the guts for medical purposes, bones for tools, the flesh used to feed a family for weeks and the organ meat… well… coveted and given to those either most deserving or most in need of good nutrition.

The Benefits of Eating Liver

Apart from the iron content and overall multivitamin qualities of liver, this magical meat can help to promote a number of superhuman qualities

  1. Liver rejuvenates skin: packed with B vitamins, liver has the ability to convert food energy to chemical cell energy which means that your body is fuelled much better compared to other food sources. Vitamin Bs help in the burning of fat too – just another plus!
  2. Liver pumps up your energy: another vitamin is responsible for this surge of energy and it’s Vitamin A; retinal to be precise. Retinal is the active form of Vitamin A and helps promote healthy skin, reproduction, vision, cancer prevention and the immune system. This antioxidant has it all.
  3. Liver helps with detox: antioxidants are generally great for detoxing and not only does liver contain Vitamin A, it also contains your entire RDA of molybdenum – a coenzyme that rids your body of sulfites and sulfates – awesome!
  4. Liver promotes muscle growth: it’s all about the amino-acids here – muscle growth without the essential amino acids in the body is impossible and luckily a serving of liver boosts you with zero carbs, 10g of protein, all the essential aminos with a great focus on leucine – the best muscle building amino acid that works in an anabolic state.
  5. Liver gives you stronger bones: just another vitamin we failed to mention here; Vitamin K2 – a bone building nutrient that can only be found in animal protein in the form of MK-4. This calcium balancing vitamin balances out bone mineral density and risk of fracture.

The biggest concern in eating liver today questions the quality of the actual organ meat. What sort of chemicals is the liver filtering and do we want that in our bodies? This is where sourcing quality produce becomes a highly critical factor. At Surf N Turf, we only choose the best ingredients that are sourced with our cleintele’s health in mind. We also ensure that every meal is cooked to the right temperature and prepared in a way to be as nutritious and delicious as possible. A great way to try out the highest quality liver product on our menu is to simply add our esteemed seared foie gras to your starter or main when dining at Surf N Turf – the flavour profile here is 100% satisfying.

When buying liver meat at home, always remember to choose the best you can; follow general hygiene standards, trim away any unnecessary fat and cook to the required temperature to avoid any unpleasantries. But most importantly, savour every bite – liver is a simple ingredient that could be turned into the most decadent dish with the right preparation and a little bit of love.



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