Celebrate a Christmas meal at Surf N Turf ⋆ Malta’s Finest Restaurant

//Celebrate a Christmas meal at Surf N Turf ⋆ Malta’s Finest Restaurant

The festive season is upon us, out come the decorative lights, Christmas playlists, the many gift ideas we want to share with young and old and all the magical moments that will fill your families and friends with joy and happiness. One of the best activities during Christmas time is definitely enjoying a delicious Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day lunch at your favourite restaurant – and Surf N Turf should be high up on your list.

Christmas in Malta

Malta is rich in culture and Christmas time is partly influenced by the British who ruled the island for many years, yet Religion has always played a significant role. Malta is renowned for its cribs depicting the nativity and churches all over the island are richly decorated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The island has been voted as one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas, and there are many events and celebrations over the festive season.

Christmas Atmosphere & Spirit at one of the Top Xmas Restaurant in Malta

Dining at Surf N Turf is always a great experience but during Christmas time, there’s that added touch of class, elegance and finesse that simply fills you and your accompanying guests with an elite feeling. From starter to dessert, all your culinary needs are achieved and exceeded.

There are menus and Christmas offers to suit everyone’s taste, and Surf N Turf serves up the most innovative and exquisite dishes with a flair of Christmas magic. Surf N Turf is renowned for only using fresh ingredients, so you are assured of the utmost culinary experience at Christmas as always. You also get to enjoy a great festive spirit and atmosphere, which makes the occasion more memorable. Of course, not spending the day in the kitchen is a relief too!

Imagine a Christmas Eve dinner where chicken liver pâte with a lingering hint of orange and thyme hit your palette and revive all your festive memories of perfection. The Barolo reduction and bread wafer elevate the dish creating a soothing sensation that screams Christmas – paired with a Pampas del Sud Malbec from Argentina tips this meal right over the edge.

Food, Surf N Turf

Move on to a roasted duck breast cooked with a marsala and dried cranberry reduction for a luxurious element cooked to absolute perfection. Christmas Eve dinner never tasted so good.

Ending on a sweet note is the right way to close a meal so why not try the chocolate fondant made with Valrhona dark chocolate and served with amarena ice cream. This creamy and satisfying dessert is not easily shared; you might even want to order a second – it is Christmas after all! Welcome Christmas Day with a glass of Dom Perignon Moet et Chandon and share the love with your friends and family dining at your table. Cheers!

By the end of the meal, you’ll probably be wishing your experience could be repeated a couple more times, well Surf N Turf prepare a classic Christmas Lunch for Christmas Day and goes all out on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

How to avoid the pitfalls

The pitfalls traditionally associated with dinning out at Christmas can be avoided with a little bit of foresight and planning. The season is notorious for overbooking, so choosing a reputable restaurant is a must. If you want to combine a Christmas Eve dinner with a decadent evening out, Surf N Turf offers just that location, being in close proximity to a high-class casino and various clubs, discos and bars. There is ample parking in the vicinity and everywhere is within walking distance. Getting to your destination early is advisable as traffic is heavy on Christmas Eve, as well as around lunchtime the next day.

BOOK YOUR TABLE and get ready for a Christmas meal like no other

Surf N Turf offers a congenial atmosphere with a great choice of menus for the festive season. Whether Christmas Eve dinner, or lunch on Christmas Day, you will be amazed with the fantastic choice of superlative food dishes.

Gather your friends, family and loved ones; BOOK YOUR TABLE and get ready for a Christmas meal like no other – a celebration that keeps on giving!


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